The Alentejo is the largest region of Portugal, occupying 33% of the territory. It is bounded on the north with the central region, the east with Spain, the south with Algarve and the west with Lisbon and also the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its endless charms, it is now one of the most desirable areas to visit.

Rich in traditions, architecture and nature, Alentejo made a name worldwide by the skills of its people and the natural features of its land. We highlight its gastronomy and wines, through geographical indications of Alentejo. At this point, we invite you to enjoy one of the typical Açordas of Alentejo with our wine Pêra-Grave Tinto.

As for places to visit, our recommendation is to opt for the central Alentejo, and cover the axis Montemor-Évora-Monsaraz, in which you must pass the road where the Quinta de São José de Peramanca is located.

In this axis are concentrated some of its most significant exponents at archaeological and cultural-historical levels. From the Escoural Caves to the Almendres Cromlechs (these are very close to our farm), the Castle of Montemor and the walls of Évora, the Cathedral, the aqueduct and the Roman temple of the city and then the castle of Monsaraz, where after the visit to the menhirs, you can enjoy some fantastic views like the largest artificial lake in Europe - Alqueva.